Retriever Training

Kristen and China

Kristen and China

Puppy Head Start — As it is often difficult to find the time to properly socialize and train a new puppy, Ken Dillard offers an excellent program to fill this need. From puppy obedience, with an intro to swimming, retrieving, birds, and house breaking, Ken covers it all.

Trial Dogs & Gun Dogs — Covering an excellent basics and transitional program. Kristen and Ken work to produce a dog that is enthusiastic with excellent manners and a competitive spirit. Both gun dogs and trial dogs are then fine-tuned for competition or fall hunting. Commitment is made to teaching all handlers to become a team.

Steps of Training — Trial dogs and gun dogs go through the same thorough program:

  • On-leash obedience
  • Hold
  • Hold/obedience
  • Force fetching
    • Force on pile
    • Walking fetch
    • Leave it drill
  • Collar conditioning
  • Force fetch/collar


Trial dogs and handling gun dogs

  • Force on back
  • Double T
  • Swim by
  • Transition

Obedience — On-leash obedience and e-collar conditioning is offered to individuals who want the well-mannered dog who responds to commands on and off leash.

Day Training — Day trainers are welcome on any level. Birds, flyers are provided at cost. From problem solving to basics, Kristen and Ken enjoy teaching handlers and their dogs.

Seasonal Conditioning — For the out-of-condition gun dog that needs to tune up and shape up for the fall season. Aug – Sept.